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Patients come to us with painful conditions often can hardly walk. We find that our treatments can often offer immediate relief from pain.

On your first visit expect to spend more time with Dr. Maria as she asks you about your foot condition and gathers important information for the treatment and diagnosis of your condition.

You can be pain free and back to health quickly with the right treatment plan. Having someone like Dr. Chon who has had years of experience treating foot and ankle problems makes all the difference in making a speedy recovery.

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An elderly woman has pain in the feet at the base of the toes and between the toes.

One of the most common complaints is painful feet. Any pain should be explored. One of our senior patients came to us with such pain she could hardly put weight on her feet. It was excruciating. We examined her feet and found a solution along with some simple exercises. Not only did she rapidly find relief she has stayed pain free. Often correcting problems quickly can eliminate long term difficulties and long term discomfort.

Personalized patient care is what sets our practice apart. When you visit our office  you can expect to receive world class care. Expert diagnosis of your condition and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional health care experience. Personalized patient care is what sets us apart.

Our approach has been proven to work

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Toenail care for families

Proper nail care when trimming nails

How you cut your nails can make a big difference. Cutting them incorrectly and at the wrong angle can be the start of an ingrown nail. That ingrown nail can become red and infected and cause even worse problems. Many times that can become extremely painful.

Nail care for diabetics is extremely important. Let us help you make sure that your nails are trimmed properly and that no problems arise out of improper trimming.

Often it helps soaking your nails and feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes prior to cutting. This will soften your nails and make them easier to trim.

If you need help please make an appointment and we will trim them and show you the proper methods. You’ll be glad you came in.

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Personalized patient care is what sets our practice apart. When you visit our office you can expect to receive world class care. Expert physician care and a caring clinical staff provided for you.

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